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Item Procurement

Need a little help procuring high-quality auction items this year? Whether you’re looking to increase your donations or add some high-quality consignment items to round out your auction inventory, KLM Auctions can help! Some of our favorite vendors who can also help you are listed on our Partners page.

Please also view our FAQ page for recommendations on what kinds of items make good live auction selections.

Vendor Recommendations

Over the years, KLM Auctions has worked with a number of wonderful vendors in their respective industries. When a vendor does a great job at one of our auctions, we hang on to its contact information, and will be happy to pass the best recommendations along to you. Let us know if we can help you with information relating to:

  • Auction software providers
  • Electronic bidding solutions
  • Item procurement firms
  • Event planners
  • ​Professional check-in/check-out staff
  • Venue selection
  • Sound system providers

Expert Pre-Auction Consulting

There are a number of strategies and best practices that KLM Auctions can help you implement prior to your auction to assure that your Fund-a-Need maximizes donor participation and every silent and live auction item receives the treatment it deserves.  As you plan your big event, you’re certain to have questions pertaining to your live auction, silent auction, Fund-A-Need, or other components of your upcoming affair. As a client of KLM Auctions, you are never alone! Our team is very available by phone and email for as much guidance and advice as you need.

Staffing or

Training Your Staff

KLM Auctions is happy to provide whatever professional auction staff you need. That said—and depending on the size and scale of your event—many of our clients choose to staff most night-of-auction positions (e.g. Host/MC, Runners/Bid Recorders, Bid Spotters, Laptop/Slideshow Operator, Cashiers) with their own staff, or with volunteers, in order to save money. If you choose to go this route, we will happily hold a conference call prior to your auction, or a night-of-auction training session immediately preceding your event, to ensure that all staff members will be effective in carrying out their duties for the evening.

Games and Raffles

From promoting raffle (or opportunity drawing) ticket sales throughout the evening to leading various elimination games (Heads or Tails, Pick a Card, Bingo Board) to ultimately arrive at the winner of your raffle, we can show you how to set the tone of your evening for laughter, interactivity, and the desire to win!


Over the past two decades, maximizing our clients’ “Fund-A-Need” (FAN) appeals (also referred to as “Paddles Up," "Pledge," or “Special Appeal”) has become one of KLM Auctions’ primary specialties, and the area where we’ve added the most value to our events. There are countless examples where KLM Auctions has raised thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars more than our clients have raised at any of their past auctions. We work with your team to ensure that everything we do leading up to the FAN--where we place the FAN in your auction sequence, speaker introductions, the testimony/appeal, the increments for which we ask, and how we go about asking for those increments--are all done in the manner which maximizes your patrons’ generosity.

Silent Auction Promotion

Don’t you hate it when it’s time to close a group of tables at your silent auction and there are still a few items with far-too-little bidding action—or much worse—no bids at all? We do too! Most auction holders don’t think about it, but the right fundraising auctioneer can add tremendous value to your silent auction by drawing attention to those items that seem to be slipping through the cracks, and then closing each table or group of tables in a manner that draws a flurry of last-minute bidding and ensures that the person who is willing to pay the most actually wins the bidding. We refer to this process as “turbo-charging” your silent auction, and we’d love to show you how it’s done.


KLM Auctions has carefully assembled an elite team of the most dynamic fundraising auctioneers in the industry. Whether it's in-person or virtual, every one of our auctioneers has earned or is working toward the prestigious Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association and has been extensively trained by Keith on the methodologies, nuances and flair of conducting the most dynamic fundraising auction the patrons at your event have ever seen. Just check out our videos and see for yourself!

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Large or Small Events

Whether you are a large, international charity organization raising millions of dollars in a single night, or a small school hoping to raise $25,000 for a special purpose, you need an experienced, professional fundraising auctioneer to keep your evening moving and facilitate exceptional bidding by engaging your auction attendees.  No matter what size your auction, KLM Auctions can help you.

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"Mini-Live" Auctions

KLM Auctions is always happy to perform "super-silent" or “mini-live” auctions at any point in your event. These may include a drink or dessert auction prior to the start of your primary live auction event, or perhaps a spur-of-the-moment mini-live auction during your silent auction to boost the bidding on a particularly hot silent auction item.