Talk show host Jerry Springer with Keith McLane.

NFL Legend Jerry Rice with Keith McLane.

Actor Harrison Ford with Keith McLane.

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and Former Astronaut Mark Kelly with Keith McLane.

Entertainer MC Hammer with Keith McLane.

Journalist Scott Pelley with Keith McLane.

NFL Legends Ronnie Lott and Joe Montana with auctioneer Keith McLane.

Actor John C. Reilly with Keith McLane.

Actor Gary Sinese with Keith McLane.

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Journalist Lisa Ling with Keith McLane.

Entertainer Jordan Knight with Keith McLane.

KCRA Broadcasters Eileen Javora, Kellie DeMarco, and Edie Lambert with auctioneer Keith McLane.

Hockey great Patrick Marleau with Keith McLane.

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Football great Ronnie Lott with Patrick & Keith McLane.

​[Excerpt:] At the Superball fundraiser at Jillian Manus’ home in Atherton, 49ers CEO Jed York (in gray suit, standing) listens to the auctioneer (with microphone) who drove the price past $20,000 on a trip to New York to watch the team play. Guests paid $1,500 each to attend the Sept. 26 party.

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Philanthropist Jillian Manus’ parties are the toast of Silicon Valley

The Eagles' Timothy B. Schmidt with Keith McLane.

Lieutenant Governor of California

Gavin Newsom with Keith McLane.

Baseball great Sergio Romo with Keith McLane.

Journalist Joan Lunden with Keith McLane.

Actor Jaleel White with Keith McLane.

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"Best Intro Ever" from CBS 60 Minutes' Anchor Scott Pelley.

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Rapper/songwriter Snoop Dogg with auctioneer Keith McLane.

Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi with Keith McLane.

Commentator Ben Stein with Keith McLane and professional bid spotters Cameron, Blake, and Josh.

Personality Sharon Osbourne with auctioneer Keith McLane.

Professional skateboarder and philanthropist Tony Hawk with auctioneer Keith McLane.

Carmichael auctioneer coaxes big dollars during charity events

[Excerpt:] Auctioneer Keith McLane resembled Fred Astaire as he worked the ballroom at a charity event one recent Saturday night...This spring, the paid charity pitchman recorded a personal best, this time for a private school in Brooklyn: a $62,500 bid for dinner served by Mario Batali at Babbo, the TV chef's Greenwich Village ristorante. "Basically, (the event's organizers) said, 'You've got to hit $15,000 or it's going to be embarrassing.' It took me about eight seconds to get up to $40,000 and three more minutes to get to $62,500," McLane said. "Now that was a good day at the office."

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