Blake Menezes, BS, MBA

Blake Menezes began working at auctions when he was 15 years old, and has since participated in over 1,000 auctions. He balances his exciting and energetic auctioneering style with a fast-rising global marketing career at a major design software company in San Francisco.  He holds a BS in Business Administration from CSU Sacramento and an MBA from The University of San Francisco, and is working toward his Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association.

Cameron Michael, BA, JD

Cameron Michael has participated in over 2,000 auctions since 1997--hundreds of which have been with KLM Auctions since their association began in 2008. Cameron’s jovial, cerebral and engaging auctioneering style springs from his background as an analyst with a legal agency in the San Joaquin Valley. He holds a BA from UC Davis and a JD from Humphrey’s School of Law, and is working toward his Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association.

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How We're Different

At KLM Auctions, we strive to offer a consistent, best-of-class experience for maximizing your revenue, promoting your mission, and making your event more fun. What differentiates KLM Auctions is the quality and qualifications of our auctioneers.  Unlike any other benefit auction firm, all of our auctioneers have combinations of the following:

  • Hold bachelor and master’s degrees from top-tier universities;
  • Have earned the prestigious Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association. (Only 150 auctioneers in the country and 20 in California have earned this title);
  • Have completed the extensive KLM Auctions Benefit Auctioneer Training Program to provide a consistent, high-quality experience for your event;
  • Have at least 10 years of stage/performance/public speaking experience;
  • Travel to benefit auction conferences to assure that they are up-to-date in providing our clients not only with the foremost tried-and-true best practices, but also with some fresh new ideas for their auctions;
  • Have demonstrated deep, life-long, and often professional commitments to serving charitable causes outside of their events with KLM Auctions;
  • Prioritize physical fitness to assure a high-energy performances at your event;
  • Are available for unlimited pre-auction consultation leading up to your affair;
  • Are committed to extensive pre-event preparation, which includes gaining a deep understanding of the mission of your organization and the fundraising elements of your event;
  • Are bonded in the State of California as required by law and insured to California PTA requirements;
  • Perform benefit auctions exclusively for KLM Auctions, assuring the highest levels of consistency and quality control.

Our initial selectiveness, on-going training, and consistent follow-up has produced auctioneers who are uniquely qualified to bring astonishing levels of energy, excitement, experience, and EFFECTIVENESS to your next auction.

Keith L. McLane, BA, MBA

Keith McLane is one of the country’s preeminent fundraising auctioneers and special appeal/fund-a-need experts and the founder of KLM Auctions. Since 1995, he has specialized in organizing and conducting world-class charity and fundraising auctions from Honolulu to New York City.  Keith holds an MBA from The UCLA Anderson School of Management and is a graduate of the world-famous Missouri Auction School.

Our Team of Auctioneers

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Armando Cicero-Lopez

Armando Cicero-Lopez has been dazzling crowds at automotive auctions since 2006 and fundraising/benefit auctions since 2009.  As the father of 4 young children—including two adopted foster children—Armando leverages his cheery and animated personality to draw-in and truly “wow” his audiences. He studied Finance at Ohlone College, and is a graduate of World Wide College of Auctioneering in Des Moines, IA—having been certified to call auctions in both English and Spanish.

Subyn Novelle, BA

Subyn Novelle takes great pride in helping our clients exceed their fundraising goals and enjoys serving as "Brand Ambassador” for some of the country’s best-respected non-profits. Combining 15+ years as a professional broadcaster, actress and model with a lifelong commitment to serving charitable causes, she has become well-known for her playful and engaging auctioneering style. She holds a BS in Psychology from Arizona State University and has earned her Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association.

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Johan Graham

Johan Graham started her career working at her parents' cattle and horse auction and quickly ascended to the top of the field in every auction specialty she entered—especially fundraising/benefits. She is the first female California Bid Calling Champion, the first Female National Auto Auction Champion runner up, and an International Bid Calling Finalist. Johan is a graduate of The Western College of Auctioneering in Billings, MT and has earned her 3-year degree from Certified Auctioneers Institute. She was also the lead auctioneer for a season of the A&E hit television show, Storage Wars.

Mark Schustrin, BA

Mark Schustrin is an internationally acclaimed art and benefit auctioneer who has worked extensively at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and conducted over 1,000 auctions. Mark holds a BA in Art History and Marketing from California State University of Los Angeles, is a Graduate of the Texas Auction Academy, and is the only auctioneer in California to hold designations from the National Auctioneers Association as both Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) and Auction Technology Specialist (ATS).

Nick Medina, BA

Nick Medina has commanded the stage as a professional theater and film actor and director for nearly a decade, during which time he has shared his enthusiasm for performing by frequenting inner city schools and getting kids excited about expressing themselves artistically.  He holds a BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley where he specialized in the works of Shakespeare and fin-de-siecle literature and has earned his Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association.

Rachel Britten, BS

Rachel Britten marries a lifetime love of the stage with professional experience as a benefit auctioneer and facilitator to create a refreshing, witty auctioneering style.  Rachel tempers her performing enthusiasm with a passionate non-profit career in international agriculture- both teaching and conducting research for small holder farms worldwide.  She holds a BS in Agroecology from the Evergreen State College where she specialized in crop botany and genetics and has earned her Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association.

Kanani Reynolds

Kanani Reynolds developed her exuberant auctioneering style growing up in the auction business and later by working as a professional dancer.  She has cultivated meaningful event-based fundraising expertise by serving as a business manager/event planner for a senior-focused non-profit in Marin County. She is a graduate of Missouri Auction School, and has earned her Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association.