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Who We Are

KLM Auctions is the nation’s premier provider of event-based fundraising advisory services and professional charity/benefit auctioneers.  Over the past 20 years our team has helped hundreds of clients create and conduct over 1,000 successful events which have generated tens of millions of dollars for deserving charitable organizations of all kinds and sizes.

Our meticulous hiring practices, commitment to continuing education, obsession with preparedness, wealth of creative ideas, and collective decades of auction experience uniquely position KLM Auctions to exceed your past events’ revenues, achieve your financial goals, promote your mission, and, simply put, make your events more fun!

A Little History

In the early 1990s, Keith studied the nuances of live auctioneering with REDC (now Auction.com), the nation’s largest and most successful real estate auction firm. Since 1995, he has specialized in organizing and conducting charity and fundraising auctions for schools, charitable organizations, and nonprofit groups big and small.  Performing auctions throughout California and beyond, Keith has become well-known for “leaving no money on the table” and for his fun and entertaining auctioneering style that takes him out from behind the podium and deep into the audience!

Past and present clients include national and local philanthropic organizations that directly benefit medical and health-related causes, disadvantaged/special needs youth, homeless families, women in crisis, senior citizens, military personnel, animal groups, arts organizations, schools, and educational foundations.

Since 2012, KLM Auctions has expanded to include a stable of the most dynamic fundraising auctioneers in the industry. Every one of our auctioneers is a first-rate charity auctioneer in his/her own right and has been trained by Keith on the methodologies, nuances, and flair of conducting the most dynamic fundraising auction the patrons at your event have ever seen. Why?  Because “bored bidders don’t bid!”

How Our Auctioneers Are Different

At KLM Auctions, we strive to offer a consistent, best-of-class experience for maximizing your revenue, promoting your mission, and making your event more fun. What differentiates KLM Auctions is the quality and qualifications of our auctioneers.  Unlike any other benefit auction firm, all of our auctioneers:

  • Hold bachelor and master’s degrees from top-tier universities;
  • Have earned or are working toward the prestigious Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation from the National Auctioneers Association. (Only 150 auctioneers in the country and 20 in California have earned this title);
  • Have completed the extensive KLM Auctions Benefit Auctioneer Training Program to provide a consistent, high-quality experience for your event;
  • Have at least 10 years of stage/performance/public speaking experience;
  • Travel to benefit auction conferences to assure that they are up-to-date in providing our clients not only with the foremost tried-and-true best practices, but also with some fresh new ideas for their auctions;
  • Have demonstrated deep, life-long, and often professional commitments to serving charitable causes outside of their events with KLM Auctions;
  • Prioritize physical fitness to assure a high-energy performances at your event;
  • Are available for unlimited pre-auction consultation leading up to your affair;
  • Are committed to extensive pre-event preparation, which includes gaining a deep understanding of the mission of your organization and the fundraising elements of your event;
  • Are bonded in the State of California as required by law;
  • Perform benefit auctions exclusively for KLM Auctions, assuring the highest levels of consistency and quality control.

Our initial selectiveness, on-going training, and consistent follow-up has produced auctioneers who are uniquely qualified to bring astonishing levels of energy, excitement, experience, and EFECTIVENESS to your next auction.

Let Us Help You

Your organization will always net more money with an experienced auctioneer who knows how to encourage and maximize bidding and specializes in fundraising/charity auctions. KLM Auctions has the expertise, experience, and finesse to achieve top dollar results while providing a very entertaining evening that your guests/patrons will remember for a long time.

We are always happy to answer your auction-related questions via phone or email whether they occur to you today or at any time up to and including the day of your event.

If you are one of the people responsible for making the important decision of choosing your auctioneer, Keith looks forward to speaking with you, and helping to make your auction a raging success!

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